david5David Salmon  –  President

Coming from a multi-generation entrepreneur-driven family, David learned many great lessons in business, not the least of which was great things can be accomplished in life if you believe in yourself and learn to trust your instincts.

Discovering a passion for real estate finance, as well as speculative investing, David began developing his unique skill at making profits with specialized real estate methods.  He offered unique financing services to his friends and potential buyers.  It was at this time that David learned he had a passion and a strong love for the art of the deal.

After making his first land purchase and a quick profit, David was inspired to start a real estate company that would be different from the rest. David felt the competition was particularly lacking in one area – true service which put caring about your clientele and business associates above all else.  A strong part of David’s passion in business then, and still today, is working with people, providing a strong quality of service and making sure everyone is always benefiting.

In 2001, Worthy Real Estate Investments Inc. was founded and David jumped head first into the world of finance, real estate speculation, marketing and sales. In those early years, David had wins and losses, often risking much to push the company ahead and to grow the reputation of the Worthy brand.

Up against heavy competition, Worthy quickly gained traction in the market and developed its own niche, offering unique, specialized financing services to buyers as well as pre-sales and volume sales to contractors and developers all over Vancouver Island.

As Worthy’s brand grew, David set his sights and dreams on the bigger picture.  He envisioned a plan to grow the Worthy corporation into a group of strategically positioned real estate companies that worked together in synergy, all under the Worthy name and with the same strong principles that David was brought up to believe in.


The Worthy Group

Worthy Real Estate Investments Inc. (WREI) – Offering David’s years of experience as a financing specialist, WREI is a boutique consulting agency which offers private lending and financing services focused mainly on lending packages for current projects.

Worthy Canadian Mortgage Fund LLP (WCMF) – WCMF is a Mortgage Investment Fund (MIF) based in Duncan, BC, Canada. WCMF’s business is creating stable and consistent returns for the Fund’s investors through mortgage lending, primarily in first and second mortgages secured by residential and commercial real estate as well as short term, mezzanine and construction loans.

WCMF has forged strategic partnerships with leading Canadian mortgage brokerages to ensure successful placement of funds into a diverse portfolio of investment options. Many of WCMF’s partners offer 20 or more years of direct lending and mortgage experience.

WCMF combines an unwavering commitment to service excellence and value- added mortgage expertise with continued development and implementation of leading edge technology and best industry practises to ensure that each and every loan is fully researched and flawlessly administered.

Worthy Asset Management Fund (WAMF) – WAMF is a company dedicated to complete asset and property management for foreign and local investors. Let WAMF expand your real estate holdings and long-term investments with ease and comfort.

Worthy Real Estate Developments Ltd. (WRED) – WRED is a licensed builder and the project management arm of the Worthy Group, specializing in luxury custom homes, land development consultation and management.

Elk Ridge Estates Ltd. – Elk Ridge Estates is Southern Vancouver Island’s largest planned and approved community development. The new community of Elk Ridge is beautifully situated just minutes outside of Duncan, B.C. This ten-year master plan to build a peaceful, serenity-focused community development within the Cowichan Valley offers 365 residential homes as well as a local market and commercial town site area. Throughout this new family-oriented community there are quiet walking trails, ponds, and four large parks to enjoy.

” The vision for the Elk Ridge community is to offer affordable, quality housing to young families and average income earners who are struggling to get into today’s tough real estate market. We will build a community of like-minded, positive, caring people” David Salmon