Down Payment Assistance Program

At Worthy Real Estate Investments, we can make your home ownership dreams a reality. Worthy’s main focus is building quality new homes for our clients and offering our financing services on the down payment, if needed.

Let us show you how you can purchase your dream home with the Down Payment Assistance Program!

Are you someone who has a reasonable job, reasonable credit but no down payment? The Down Payment Assistance Program could be right for you.

  • A first time home buyer
  • A young couple or family
  • Recently divorced
  • Little or no liquid funds
  • Poor budgeting habits
  • Just haven’t saved up that large down payment

There are many ways to create a down payment when purchasing real estate. The truth is not everyone can afford to save up for that large down payment. You may end up wasting many years of your life trying to save when you could be purchasing your dream home now! Our job is to show you how we can make this dream a reality today.

The Down Payment Assistance Program is also ideal for people who have a down payment, but it’s not large enough to avoid paying Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation fees. CMHC provides mortgage insurance and, if the down payment is too small, CMHC requires a security fee in order to insure the mortgage. This fee can be tens of thousands of dollars! If you do have a down payment, but can’t seem to qualify on your own, give us a try!

In short:

Worthy Real Estate Investments provides an all-in-one real estate package, assisting you with the home-ownership process from start to finish.

  • We loan you the down payment, if needed
  • The funds are owed back in the form of a promissory note.
  • We handle financing in-house, and provide assistance through out the deal until closing.
  • We also provide assistance on the closing costs, if needed.
  • We offer flexible terms at a reasonable interest rate

To qualify for the Down Payment Assistance Program, you will need a reasonable income and a credit score of 650 or higher. If your score is lower, please don’t be discouraged! You can still qualify for our services if you have a spouse, partner, or co-signer with a credit score of 650 or higher! If you do not have good credit, Worthy can also offer you free advice to help guide you in the right path to boost your credit score.

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